How to fit 72 mm wheels in USD Carbon 2

Thanks to Herbata for text revision and translation!

Hello everyone!

Maybe some of you would be interested in mod that allows using bigger wheels, and do not change feel of grinding in any way – plate and frame stays the same!

All you need is to grind down a bit of frame plastic where it touches wheel, and cut a piece of soulplate to make more space for wheels.

If someon is interested how to do it, step by step, I would upload full description of the mod. But pictures should be enough to give you idea.

Right now I’m using 72mm wheels of hardness 81A, taken from Salomon FSK skates.

Mod works similar to RB Switch frames, but here we have standard, low-profile aggressive frame, that is better for grinding in my opinion!

[Translator note: you should be able to mod all versions of Carbon like that, and many more skates! I think it’s possible with every skate that have thick soulplate between sheel and frame. In Solo skates, you can dremel original wheel weels – 72mm fit with typical aggressive frames without problems. I think it’s possible to fit 76mm or even 80mm using Switch frames and doing this mod!]

[Obrazek: IMG_20120628_204004.jpg]
[Obrazek: IMG_20120628_204021.jpg]
[Obrazek: CIMG2773.JPG]
[Obrazek: CIMG2774.JPG]
[Obrazek: CIMG2775.JPG]
[Obrazek: CIMG2779.JPG]
[Obrazek: CIMG2776.JPG]


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